UNLIMITED VPN from Browlser

Did you know that you can get UNLIMITED VPN with the Browlser App. Most VPN services and browsers offer VPN as a monthly or yearly subscription. However, when you purchase Browlser VPN, it is not only 75% cheaper than other providers, there is no subscription and you own the unlimited service for life.

How to get Unlimited VPN:

1. Tap on the Settings.

2. In the Settings Menu, select “Browlser Themes” from the list. Look for a Browlser Theme that has a Shield Icon next to it and says “Unlimited VPN”.

3. To purchase the Theme/NFT, just tap the Purchase button and pay using In-App-Purchase.

4. Then just go back to the Settings Menu and select “VPN”. You will now be able to access Unlimited VPN for life (well for as long as you own the Theme/NFT).

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If your crypto wallet is already connected to Browlser, the NFT will be received within a few minutes to your wallet. If you do not have a crypto wallet, it doesn’t matter as we will automatically create you a wallet and place the NFT inside the wallet that you have purchased along with the free Theme/NFT and you will then have access to VPN.