Claim a FREE Theme/NFT with each purchase.

For a limited time only … we are giving away FREE Theme/NFTs with selected purchases. The Themes all unlock different features within the Browlser App. Each theme has a different animation which clears your history and cookies with just one-tap!

How to Purchase a Browlser Theme NFT:

1. Tap on the Settings.

2. In the Settings Menu, select “Browlser Themes” from the list. Look for the ‘PRESENT ICON’ next to each theme (to claim your free gift).

3. Scroll through the different Themes, tap on them to expand the info and to see what features they unlock. Animate button shows their animation when you clear your history and cookies.

4. To purchase the NFT, just tap the Purchase button and pay using In-App-Purchase.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If your crypto wallet is already connected to Browlser, the NFT will be received within a few minutes to your wallet. If you do not have a crypto wallet, it doesn’t matter as we will automatically create you a wallet and place the NFT inside the wallet that you have purchased along with the free Theme/NFT.