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Browlser Themes unlock UNLIMITED VPN forever! Private and Incognito Mode is always on. Join hundreds of thousands of users on the world’s fastest growing mobile browser.

 Why Browlser?

Browlser is a new kind of Browsing experience (Web 3.0) that ensures that everything you do online is Private and you are protected at all times with absolutely no creepy tracking stuff going on behind the scenes – EVER! It is filled with features that have never been seen before in a browser and these include in-browsing Trust Pilot reviews, VPN, application locking, real time website scam protection, ability to animate selected NFT’s and lots more. We are adding new features to Browlser all the time.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contract (ERC721): 0x86cce3590a35f9e1b47e1e863755a0c79be23c58
Smart Contract (ERC1155): 0x4495b62d984e83d22566d9f2bd9106c2f9e7e3ae

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