Helpful Guides 

I have referred a friend but have not received my NFT yet?

Whilst the average time for an NFT to be received is within 60 minutes, we recommend waiting up to 72 hours. If you have not been assigned your NFT within 72 hours, then please contact us.

My wallet is not connecting, it is showing “Signature Verification Failed”?

We use a third party provider for secure wallet connections. If the connection does not work, we would advise trying again a short while after. If after 24 hours your wallet is still not connecting, please get in touch with us and we will investigate this further.

I can see that the NFT is in my wallet, however it is not showing on OpenSea?

This may be because your default settings at OpenSea transfer your NFT to a “Hidden” Status. Simply click on the hidden tab on OpenSea and move the NFT to a different status.

I can see that NFT is in my wallet, however I cannot Apply it as a Browlser Theme?

Please contact us and include the Theme and the last 6 digits of your wallet address.

What are the Milestone NFTs that are rewarded for referring people to the Browlser App?

Milestone 1
Carnival Owl

Milestone 2
Diver Owl

Milestone 3
Wizard Owl

Milestone 4
Gold Owl

Is there a way that I can see if my NFT has been transferred to me?

Yes, you can see it in your Crypto Wallet (make sure you have followed the instructions on this page). You can also see it on the Polygon network. Visit and enter your wallet address, then click on the Tab “ERC-1155 Token.

How do I connect my MetaMask wallet

NOTE –  Some of our NFTs are on the Polygon Network. In order for you to see them in your wallet, you simply need to add Polygon.

Add the Polygon Network to your MetaMask.

Please make sure already have the MetaMask Wallet installed on your phone.

Step 1 – Open your MetaMask wallet and select settings.

Step 2 – In the Settings menu select networks.

Step 3 – At the bottom of the Networks Menu select ‘Add Network.’

Step 4 – Enter the details below and click add.

Network NamePolygon Mainnet
Chain ID – 137
Currency Symbol – MATIC
Block Explorer URL 

Step 5 – Once read, click ‘Got it’.

Step 6 –  You have now added Polygon to your MetaMask wallet. In order to see your NFT you need to add the Contract Address and Token ID. Make sure you switch to the NFT tab because the default tab is Tokens. Once on the NFT tab click ‘Import NFT’s at the bottom of the page.

The addresses you need to input are are below. If you have purchased your NFT on Opensea or Rareable you will see you NFTs in your wallet once you have added the Contract Addresses and Token ID.

Step 7 – You will now see your NFT in your wallet.

Step 8 – In the future, in order to see your NFTs make sure you have the Polygon Network selected from the dropdown at the top. 


Contract Address and Token ID’s

All Contract Address: 0x2953399124F0cBB46d2CbACD8A89cF0599974963



Token ID




Token ID




Token ID


How do I connect my MetaMask wallet

NOTE – Please make sure you have already installed Metamask on your device!

Is your MetaMask Wallet connected?

Check your Metamask wallet is connect to the Browlser App. If your MetaMask Wallet is not connect to Browlser, please follow the step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – Select ‘Connect Wallet’ in settings tab of the Browlser app.

Step 2 – Select the MetaMask option and click connect.

Step 3- Check the MetaMask account number is correct, then click connect to allow Browlser to connect to your MetaMask wallet.

Step 4 – Click ‘Go to MetaMask’.

Step 5- Click the ‘Sign’ button.

Step 6-  Your MetaMask wallet is now connected to the Browlser app and you will be able to see a red ‘Disconnect’ button the whole time you wallet is connected.

Can I buy a Browlser NFT if I don’t have a wallet?

Of course! We will create you a Browlser wallet to store your NFT.


Step 1 – Under the settings tab, click ‘Browlser theme.’

Step 2 – Select the NFT you would like to purchase. You can test the screen wipe by clicking the ‘Animate’ button. Check the NFT has the in-app features you require. Click ‘Purchase’ to buy your NFT.

Step 3 – Click the ‘Buy now’ button.

Step 4 – Click the ‘Purchase’ button. 

Step 5 – Wait a few seconds for us to work our magic.

Step 6 – Congratulations, you now have your NFT and will be able to use your theme.

Step 7 – You can now apply your NFT Browlser theme and use all of it’s features. Please allow us up to 30 minutes to create your wallet and unlock your theme.

Step 8 – You will be able to see your Browlser wallet address under the connect wallet tab.